2007.08.28 — The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Assumption[2]

I come down as word in the garden, for I am the Lord of the heavenly powers and I have power to come down on earth to man, and I speak My word to those who are faithful, and to those who love Me with My coming down on earth. Amen.

Peace to you, people who have come together at the spring! I am the Lord. My name is the Word of God (Apoc. 19:13.) and I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth. I am Who I am, and I have called you and brought you together at a heavenly table and I lay My word on it and I feed you with it, so that you may also be as I am, for I am Who I am. Glory to the One Who has sent Me to you, for I do not come without His sending, and I cannot speak without His word in Me, for I am one with the Father, I am of one being with Him, and My work is the same. When I tell you this, I become your Teacher so that you may learn from Me to love your Father Sabaoth as I love Him, and I love Him by obedience, for I am His Son, and no one is able to listen to God but only by love. Amen.

Oh, I have got you together, My people, to make you glad with My coming down to you, and then to help you to come to Me too with your joy, with your joy to My spring of word. I have made heavenly gardens on earth for Me and for you, to meet together on their grassland and to teach you to be a dwelling place of My kingdom on earth, for if you do not become My kingdom, then the evil spirit comes and makes his dominion in you and then you leave Me without a dwelling place in you, son. An obedient and loving people of God into the midst of the people is the greatest treasure on earth, when it lives in My good Spirit, brother with brother, work with work among brothers, light from the Light between God and man, and then between man and man, so that I may have food on it when I come from the Father to shepherd the obedient and loving people of God. The good spirit in man draws God to the man and fills him with expensive gifts and then it makes God rest in man, My people. Oh, son, seek after My happiness in you, for I yearn after My peace between man and Me. There are fifty years since I have been teaching you, making a way for Me with My teaching of new heaven and new earth on the earth and for your becoming eternal on earth by your obedience to Me. In this day of great feast for My mother, the Virgin, I, the Lord, embrace you at My bosom, and I comfort you with My good Spirit and I ask you to take after Me between brother and brother, for the good spirit in man can do this between man and God and between man and man on the earth. The good spirit in man is the one who can work like God in man, and not like the good man with the man, and the evil spirit in man is a spirit that cannot work like God and for God in man and for man. I become your Teacher when I tell you this, My people, for I want you to be My dwelling place on earth.

Oh, how beautiful is the man through whom I, the Lord, look, understand, speak and work and I can do! How beautiful is the man who becomes a dwelling place for God on the earth! How beautiful is the one who comes back forever from him to God! I become your teacher when I tell you these and I teach you My glory in you, My people of old, and you, My people of today and tomorrow. Receive your making from Me and become hospitable with heavenly guests in you, for the angels and the saints want to rejoice in you and they want to give you their face, son. Oh, you should not be ashamed with God on earth in your being overflowing on the sides. You should be ashamed of the devil and his wide work, but not with God, My people. Oh, seek to have fear of God, for it keeps you from committing sin when you know that what you want to do is sin. The one without fear of God commits sins immediately, and the sin, once committed, does no longer let you take care of God in your body and in your heart, but it leads to carelessness of My life in you and in My clean bosom, and where the man, washed away from sin and disobedience, has got his place.

Oh, the holy time has come on earth with Me, that from God, for there is bad time on earth, My people, because the man has departed from God and has lived in his own things, not in those of God, and I, the Lord, Who made the heaven and the earth, cry being overcome by man, for the man puts Me down to live his life in him, and he punishes Me so that I may not live and not be in him, for My Being is sweet when it is in man, and it is called the Spirit of resurrection from death in man, for this is the work of My being in man.

Oh, I have come with My bosom full of gifts and I want to share them with you. My good Spirit, the One gentle and humble in heart, has got all the heavenly gifts, and they are comprised within the gift of God’s love, the love by which God loves, that which has never fallen from God, that which cannot be crushed in man when it has its dwelling from Me in man. The spring of My teaching is sweet over you, My people, and behold, I meet you at the spring as I met the Samaritan woman at the Israel’s well, and when I taught her to meet Me and to welcome Me and to carry Me in her, and then to announce Me as the Messiah Who came from the Father for the salvation of Israel.

Take a pencil and paper and write the fruit of the good spirit and the fruit of the evil spirit, for where the good spirit does not live then the evil spirit lives, My people, but I teach you more than I spoke in My time with you, for you are the people of My second coming from the Father, and I ask you to be holier than all the saints who were on the earth before Me, and then in My heaven of saints, I ask you more because I sit down into your midst as word, and I stay enshrouded within the word, so that you may carry Me with the glory of My word, which is the river of life, which the Scripture speaks about that it will be to flow on the earth from My throne, son, My people. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) My saints loved Me on earth with their virtues heavy with their longing and love of God, these being worked with great abstinence, but you have to love Me with obedience to My word in the end of the time, and by which I prepare the man for his fulfillment with Me and with the day of the judgment of the works. Oh, do not get upset that I ask you love without limits in your fulfillment, for I love without limits and I grow you to be, and I have not loved anyone up to you as I have loved you; and as a mother nurses her baby incessantly so that it may grow, in the same way I nursed and I nurse you with the milk of eternity to grow up and be an eternal man and not a temporary man; and behold, I tell you now, that it makes Me suffer to see you that you cannot be on earth as in heaven, when I, the Lord your God, feed you so holily, so much, so sweet, son. Oh, do not get upset with Me, when I ask you to be with Me on earth among people, for the sight of My body comes closer to the eyes of men, and it has come closer little by little, and you have to be the window by which the man will see God. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.) Be wise, My people so much nourished, for the people will know you, the one nourished by Me with the milk of heaven, for My sign will be seen on you, My word written on your forehead and body, because I have always enshrouded you within the mystery of My word, of life giving, and this mystery will be discovered in the day of the testimonies, and you will be seen if you have listened to your Teacher or not. Oh, do not get upset with Me that I ask you to be like Me, for those through whom I will appear will be like Me then, and behold, I ask you in tears, receive My tear and put it to your heart so that you may not be ashamed with God on earth, but rather you may be ashamed with the devil and with his wide world, and seek to have a holy fear to God, for the one without fear of God commits sin immediately, and the sin, once committed, leads you to carelessness of soul and to carelessness of sin cleaning, and it leaves you weak for your exalting, well Romanian Israel.

Oh, My people nourished from heaven on earth! Sanctify yourself and do not be ashamed to be holy on earth. Oh, sons, cleanse your hearts, your souls and bodies, and set your life in order for eternity, for I, the Lord, get ready to establish eternity on the earth and to embrace you within it, if you listen to Me. Oh, it makes Me suffer in your life, in your house and in your courtyard, your disobedience to God and to His coming to You, My people.

Oh, son, who have not listened yet to the step of My coming to you with eternity! Take out of your house and courtyard everything I said that it has no room with Me. Do not get upset with Me that I ask you to be holy in you and around you. The earth cries after eternity on it. The earth has been filled with killings, and in the beginning, I told the man not to kill, and then I spoke with him about the other sins to which the man comes by killing. There has been seven thousand years since then, and the man still does not to understand what I told him not to do. In tears I bow before you, My people of old, for I have gathered you together at the well to cry together with you and to ask you to listen to Me. Stop killing, sons! Stop eating meat, sons! Do no longer eat meat, you people! And if you do not stop, then you will remain with your hands full of the blood from the killing, and it will seize you the terror in which there have died the lives you have been killing by your hands in order to eat and to become graves for them, and you will be filled by the illnesses from the pains, which I, the Lord, have been sending you now on the earth over all the people, who have killed a living being with a soul in it, in order to eat its meat. Oh, do no longer eat meat, you people! Let each one of you eat from his mother, sons. Do no longer mix the bodies, and do no longer do such a great sin, because it is from this heavy sin that the blizzard of the spirit of debauchery and of the desertion of God and then for the lust in man, has been blowing from the beginning of the world upon man. When I made man from man, as the man was supposed to multiply, I worked otherwise, I worked like God and I took the woman from the man while the man was deeply sleeping, and I refilled the place with meat and I made a man out of the meat taken from man. I did this way because then, when I built the man, I built him to be man and woman, and then I have shown that I built him in this way. While the two were one flesh, there was not the overpowering sin in the man’s body; however, when I made two bodies of one flesh, then the man drove God away for his body and became himself a god over his self, and since then I have been crying overpowered by man, and I have been crying without a house and I have been crying for seven thousand years, and I said that the foxes had holes, the birds had nests, but I had no place to lay down My head to have rest, for the man has punished Me to unrest and crying, My people. Oh, man, do no longer eat from animal; do no longer eat any animals, and do not eat food from animal, either. Do no longer eat meat, sons! (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.) Eat from the holy belly, which I have made to give you its milk. Eat, son, what I said in the heaven that the man should eat[3] and become holy, man, and do no longer stay as you do now, for the Lord Himself comes to you with the saints. Get used to receive and to make the Lord rest, for your Lord is wandering and tired, dear son. Oh, you are the people of My coming, when I come from the Father, now, the second time, and sanctify yourself for this, and be always holy, My people. Oh, do not love the fleeting life, and learn to get used to it only for God, and do not take even a drop from it, for the way to sin is wide. Give yourself over to the Lord, for the Lord gave Himself over to you and has taken you to His bosom to grow you holily, My people. Oh, love your assembly at the heavenly feasts in the little gardens sanctified by Me, and, you should long more and more to meet Me in word and glory of word. You shall not bring any kind of emptiness and empty words in the gardens sanctified by Me for the saints, and for Me and for you with Me on earth, and you should rather bring yourself to Me, son, and you should come to be adorned, nourishing My loving Spirit with clean, holy and obedient sons, because I want to take away all the pains from you, the entire wound, your entire burden, son, and then to be able to embrace you within the spirit of eternity, for I have been waited much and for a very long time to have a people that may cradle Me while in My pains from man, and that it may comfort Me within the cradle of his love of God, as I want to cradle it in the cradle of My waiting with patience, with love and with exhortation upon it and after it.

Separate yourself from the world, My people! It is the time, son. Take it out of your heart and take Me in you, for I am the Lord, your God. You shall not be afraid that it is hard for you with Me and with My life in you. Be afraid of your life, from which you cannot separate yourself, for behold how much it has meant for you in body and soul! Oh, become My dwelling place, son, so much waited by God! I have nourished you with great waiting after you. You will not be able to sneak from your place near Me, because of so many years of your walking on your way with Me, listening to My voice upon you.

Spend time now, My people, in the spirit of the feast of My mother, for I and My heaven of saints and angels spend time with you, and then, to the end of the day, I will embrace you again in the word, and I exhort you again towards Me. My mother is embracing you again, and she is comforting you within her spirit full of word and she is helping you because of your obedience to God, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, save, Lord, Your people, and bless Your inheritance of today and lead it to the grassland, for You are the little Shepherd Who has come from the Father Sabaoth to raise a people to the Father. Amen.

My comfort as a mother, Son, comforts Your Being and Your body in which you stand now, mighty and loving, with a loving face into the midst of Your people with me on my day of feast of the joining with my body again, near Your eternal body, when You came and embraced my body and took it into the air and made it eternal like Yours, my Son. I comfort Your people, dear Son, and I tell it this:

Comfort the One Who comforts you, people comforted by God. Oh, do not be ashamed with the Lord on earth, but rather be ashamed to stay without God between earth and heaven, and your dwelling with God is in your deed and sight, lest your heart, which will say that it has God in it, to testify falsely, as though it would have not got God as fulfilled deed of your faithful heart. Get up beautifully and do the will of the One Who asks you to be like Him, for the Lord is the One Who speaks to you, calling you from death to life, from sin to holiness, from temporariness to eternity on earth, for the earth will be renewed now from place to place, starting with you, from the land under you, and being protected for the renewal and for its sanctification to those who are saints on it. Amen.

And now, my Son is coming with my feast full of angels and saints in His gardens with you, and we will embrace you again within the word to the end of the feast, and then the spirit of His teaching will come after you and will exhort you in your ways further with the Lord, your God, on the earth among people, oh, people of the glory of my Son’s coming. He, my Son, has not pulled you out of the world, but He wants to set you in the midst of the people as His light on earth. Oh, listen to the voice of the Son of God! This is the Son of the Father Sabaoth and my Son, the only One born, and you shall be His, and, in His image and after His likeness, to settle down and to be on the earth, the people of His coming to you after two thousand years after His birth on earth, perfect Man and God among people. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My mother, We will sit down then with the entire glory of your day of feast before the people nourished with Our mercy for him, mother. We will take care of it, mother, so that it may be able to glorify Us on the earth by heavenly works, laid by Us and by it, on the earth, by his little hands, for those who are obedient are God’s hands and feet on the earth, mother. We will give them obedient sons to My advice, we will give them the entire support from heaven and earth, mother, so that they may take care of all our worries which are and which will be to the comfort of those who will arise from their bodies to Us, that they may also be with Us, heavenly on earth, mother. Amen.

And you, people, that have come together at the spring, drink with longing and love and drink with obedience, and change yourself in your face and heart; drink and brighten your walking to My will in you on earth. Oh, do no longer be ephemeral, for I have come to you with My bosom full of the gifts of eternity and I want to give them all to carry them, and always come to the spring that I may shepherd you, that I may welcome you and give you power to be able to work like God, My people. I sweeten you with all of My things. Bring Me comfort as well and sweeten Me with it, for I cry for your longing, My people of old. Join with My little ones who have listened to Me in all their obedience; and because they have listened to Me and helped Me and help Me to come under the cross of My coming after the man, listen to them in this time too, My people, for behold, I will bring to an end with them the sinful age on the earth and I will open with them the gates of eternity, for this is how I promised that I would fulfill, and I am true in My word upon you, My people, oh, My people comforted by God, and by which, I, the Lord, comfort Myself coming to it with My glory of today. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «God also said, ‘Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the sur-face of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food.» (Gen. 1/29.)

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