2007.08.09 — The Word of God at the feast of the saint martyr and healer Panteleimon

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint martyr and healer Panteleimon[2]

I announce Myself at the gates so that I may come into the book. God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, this is the name, by which I come into the book and I become word. Those who meet together, greet each other, when they meet and when they leave. And this is how I also work when I meet the people of My word, on which I feed it as I feed the faithful one, for I, the Lord, love very much the one who believes in My coming as word on earth, and I love much more the one who becomes My fulfilled word before Me. Amen.

In heaven and on earth, I go accompanied only by angels and saints, and not otherwise, and I told this to the man, and I told him from the beginning that it is not good for the man to be alone, and then I took out of his ribs and made him a suitable helper, to testify for each other before Me, when I raise a question over the man, over man’s life, over the man’s obedience or his lack of obedience to Me.

Oh, people of My word, it is not good for the man to be alone, and I gather you bunches to listen to God and from God and that I may ask about your life, son, and that I may work you according to My order for man. I am coming today and exhorting you for your health, health of spirit and body, and I have healing saints in My coming to you. Behold, what an advice I give you: do not seek to go with a weak angel, do not look for the one who look like you, the sick one like you, but rather seek after the one who takes after Me and go together with him for your growth, for your stature, and go with the one who is awake upon your stature, and you will be blessed when you go together with the one who has got a life giving spirit in him, for it is not enough to have on you a man with a living spirit and that is all. Reproof is a spirit of life giving, and the more spiritual a man is, the bigger he sees the small wrongdoings, and then he seeks after the one who heals his wrongdoing, and this is the wisdom, which does not let the man die, which does not let him fall down, for the man who exalts himself is fallen and much fallen, My people. Oh, I teach you the healing, for the healing spirit is the ray, which reveals your hidden wound, which eats your life inside of you. I teach you about your healing, son, for I laid down My life for man, and the man tries to gain it for himself, whenever his life is touched; he tries to gain his justice before the one who asks about his life in order to heal it, but it is not good for the man to be alone, oh, this is not good, and it is not good for the man to hide with his life invisible by man. Oh, it was not good for Cain that he hid with the deed of his life, but it was wrong for him instead. I have come to you with holy healers to teach you the art of life keeping and its health, and I come with holy work upon you, My people, for I come to you to prepare My kingdom in you, and what is this prepared with? It is prepared with My will in it, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

– My faith in You, God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, made me my own healer, and then it made me a healer over the people too, for the people are sick, Lord. The man goes to the doctor to get a longer life, Lord, to gain the life of his body, Lord, and when the doctor can no longer help him because of so many little stones hidden deeply in his kidneys, then the man looks after You and he does not know how, for the man does not have any teacher upon him, Lord. You always teach your people, and You have always placed upon him a spirit of life giving, Lord, and all those who want to receive teaching, they receive of your teaching over Your people, for this is how You have been pleased with, for behold, from margins to margins, the voice of Your word has been sharing for the life of people, for You are the light and the life of the people, if you are in the world, Lord.

Oh, people of the Word, Which is the Son of the Father Sabaoth! The Lord made me a healing doctor for the man who is faithful to Him. The word of life is in your midst, the healing Lord. Take him and make Him with power of healing upon you. Take Him and give Him to the sick, for the man who exalts himself against another man is fallen and sick, and the man who receives upon him a man with life giving spirit, is a healing doctor upon his life.

Oh, people of old, come to your healing, come to the Lord, for you were His people of old. Come to take upon you the fulfilling of His kingdom in you, for it is written: «They will be like Him, for they will see Him as He is». Open your heart, open your eyes and see the Lord, your healer, for it is not good for the man to be alone. The one who is alone cannot get better, but he can go worse instead, and the man can hardly be taken out from his self so that the stones, in his kidneys that are so much deepened in him, may be healed. Come, people so much fed on the milk of the Lord, come to Him, for you have wandered away from His bosom, and get up and come back for the Lord to give you back your healing again, for in the day of the testimonies you will be asked about the Lord’s entire teaching upon you, and you will be asked to give this answer, and the Lord will help you to give it and to give a good one, but come to your healing, come to the light, for the light makes everything clear and makes you free from all those that press upon you inside of you and not from outside of you, as you might want to say. Come to stay under the Lord’s teaching, that with a life giving spirit in it, and take care not to walk on the way with a weak angel, for you will not grow up in this way, but you will rather grow less. Come to the healing water, for the Lord is coming to heal you, and He is coming with His angels. Oh, do not stand aside! Get up and come! Humble yourself and come! It is the Lord! Be faithful to His coming and come! Amen.

Oh, Lord, give them healing for the prayers of Your saints. The man goes to the doctor to get a longer life, Lord. Let the man come to You, too, to prolong Your life in him too, Lord. This is how I teach the man today, for I am a healer, and I am upon man from You, oh, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

– I, the Lord, heal the one who calls Me after the truth to his help for his life, and My sweetest medicine is for the man to take My kingdom from Me in him, and to take it after My will, for if the man chooses his life according to his will, then he scatters instead, for he earns nothing in this way, oh, not in this way, not so, sons.

Oh, children who carry Me as word from Me to man! Let the man learn to take from Me, not from him. I have spoken to My people before, and I have always told him that he who denies you, denies Me and not you, for you are My servants, and you are not supposed to be despised and judged, but you have to be welcomed instead, sons, for behold, those who judged Me with discontentment two thousand years ago, were those who were judged, they and not I. Oh, I want to make My people careful to watch and to stay under watch and I want to take it to My bosom and to teach it not to fall down from the faith, for it is the time of the man’s denial of God, and this time is not seen by the man to keep away from it, because it is the fog that covers it and not the earth. It is sun on the earth, but there is also fog over this time of the denial of Christ.

Oh, My people who are so much taught and fomented by Me. Now watch more, watch out so that you may not fall into the sin of the denial from Christ, for the faith denial over the worldly church has already come, and it has denied it, because the church has not watched. (See the selection topic: „The changing of the holidays — renunciation of faith”, r.n.) Now watch, watch together with Me, so that it may not come upon you what has come upon the church of the world, so that this temptation may not come upon you, and that you may not know its face, for it is well wrapped up so that you may not know its lie. Oh, sons, denial of Christ starts from there, from where you do not receive correction for your life, and this starts from the sin of your discontentment, for he who is discontent feels for himself and then he becomes ruthless and dark and then he loses the gift of the faith and denies Christ, and this sin of denial of Christ comes from the beginning; it comes even from Adam, who was discontent in his own self, when I searched his life, and when I searched it, when I asked him about it, he blamed the woman whom I took out of his ribs, and he was then discontent because I dealt with his disobedience, and then he gave Me away from himself. Behold, he who loves his life, that one forgets about the salvation of his soul, he forgets about God, and this is how the forgetfulness of his soul is, this way and not otherwise, My people. Oh, take care not to fall in the sin of faith denial, Jerusalem fed on the Holy Spirit, because this sin starts from the sin of discontentment, son, but My saints get up and pray to Me for you, and they tell Me this:

Oh, Lord, if in Your people are sons who are dissatisfied with others and not with them, if there are stiff-necked men in Your people, if among them are some who are weak in their faith because of the foolishness of their mind, oh, heal them, Lord, in this hard hour. We pray to You, Lord, for the healing of those without steadfastness, heal them from the sin of their self-justification and judgment and make them be afraid of Your coming and settle within it and make them settle down as Your kingdom, so that You may know them, Lord, for it is written: «They will be like Him, for they will see Him as He is». Amen.

– Behold, the heaven with the saints plead at Me for you, My people. Oh, be wise, for here is the wisdom that I give you to learn. Seek, son, to be like Me, for if you do not seek that way, you will draw many people away from My way, and they will be like you, for they will see how you are and they will follow you. Oh, not in this way, for if you do this, you scatter away My savings, and I harvest My work with labor and tears. Oh, do not keep Me walking on My elbows and knees for your life; do no longer do this, son. I become like you to draw you within Me, but if you do not take after Me, you cannot be written with those who are Mine. Son, seek after an unsleeping spirit for your life, and look for the one with a spirit of life giving in him, do not look after the one that matches you, but rather look after the one who fulfills My word upon him and upon those around him. Oh, do not look after the one who doubts so that you may also doubt, do not seek to stagger so that someone else may stagger too and in this way you may have disciples of your staggering, disciples to take after you. Seek that I may have fruit, and not you. Seek that you may be able to work like Me and not like man. I endure the cockle so that I may not crush the life of the wheat, for I water and take care of the wheat, and the cockle gets dry, for this is its nature, because it is not good to eat. I do not call the cockle wheat, if it is spread among wheat, but you, son, you call it wheat because you do not love God, and if you do this, the sin of the faith denial comes upon you and it will catch you under it, and you will not know its hidden face, if you do not get up now to learn from Me upon you My kingdom in you and My work for those that are inside you, which, behold, blame you before Me and seek to take you to the sin of faith denial. Oh, watch, son. You are not supposed to joke about what I tell you now, for behold what wisdom I have given you today to learn, to know and to work, and then to take after Me afterwards, lest you may not draw many people to you, if you do not take after Me, so that they may not come and take after you and follow you and then to leave Me. Oh, not in this way, but rather get up to be according to My will and to have a strong angel, with the one who is Mine and not yours, son, for if it belongs to you, it is like you, for it sees you as you are, according to what is written.

Behold, the church in the world has been seeking again after its head, (The Romanian Orthodox Church, after the death of Patriarch Teoctist, r.n.), but it does not look after Me at all. I look upon it and see headaches and body aches in it, all kinds of convulsions in order to choose its head, for he who was his head by this time, was sent to Me to see what I do with him, and that it may choose another head. However, I strengthen it and say that I do not count over it, for I have finished My counting. I have fulfilled My number and I have come to an end with it, and from now on it will be opened and fire will get out of its midst and will melt it. Amen.

Oh, church disobedient to God! I have come to you as word of peace and you have not received or believed Me that I was Who I was. I, the Lord, do no longer count for you, for I have finished counting, and you will have your head as you want, as you overcome, for you have not let Me govern you for your life, for the peace between Me and you. Fire will come out of your midst, you, those who have stood up now to choose your head and have gone on calling yourself church, and you will call out to Me from the fire, because My angels will work upon you as they did over Sodom and Gomorrah, and those who are Mine among you, will come out of the fire, and they will be taken out of fire cleaned, and I will take care of them and give them work in My new vineyard, and it will not be otherwise, for the church of the Romanian people has not given its ear to My calling upon it, and it will be broken and its blame will fall upon it, for it did not receive Me when I knocked at its door to give it an expensive garment and then to be. Now, I, the Lord, will work for the rest of the one who was sent to Me, not according to My will, but for the sake of the one who wants to sit down as the head of the church, and I will heal his soul in heaven and I will comfort him, for in his time as the patriarch of the Romanian people, he listened to Me when I asked him this, and he established for Me and for My living church a bishop after My will, and I fulfilled My plan for the lasting of My church before Me, Christ’s church on earth. Amen. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

And now, children from the gates, we call My people of old to a heavenly feast, the one who is My people of today, and the one who rises to be, and I say this:

May your way to the spring of My teaching be blessed, people taken in the spirit and in your body to the spring. Let the angels and the saints pave the way before you. Let the heaven and the earth serve Me and you, for we meet together to comfort the wounds and to sweeten the joys. My sweet mother prepares her exhortations and comforts for you, and you, people of the preparation for the feast of My mother in your midst, get up and establish her feast and table, and everything on the table, for I will come and fill the table and then I will give to My people. Amen.

I leave you to rest, children who receive My word. My coming down upon you is hard. However, I have to listen to the Father, and you, should listen to Me, tired sons and so little helped on the earth under My burden. If someone, who loves himself from among those who think that they are Mine, has evil thoughts, has a judging and blaming spirit against you, then the evil spirit rouses a man like that to revolt to make a gate towards you and to cause you pains, gentle sons. The man wants a way of reconciliation with Me, but he wants Me to reduce those that I expect from him, and he does not want reduce any of the things that keep him without My image and likeness upon him, upon his being and deed, for the world is cunning and it does not let the man stand near Me, as it has been since the man has walked in My way. I will teach My people, how the sons of My people may do good to each other, how to love each other in Me, all of them, for if I do not always teach them, the evil spirit does not stays, and he wants to crush the living of My people in Me.

The one who bears the name of Pantelimon (Panteleimon) among My sons, I, the Lord, exhort him to walk under guidance, in the same way the guidance walks after him. Amen.

Behold, today is one year since a child of My people pulled himself out of My arm and left Me, for he looked and listened too much to himself and was not able to walk himself if he did this, and the evil spirit prevailed against him and pulled him out from Me to take him into the world, and we went away, and this has made Me suffer, and I have suffered deeply the wound, which this son has left in Me and in the hearts of the sons of My people. Woe to the one who becomes a stumbling block for those who are weak, and that is why I tell you to stay under obedience and love and to stay within a guiding spirit, Jerusalem, for the devil has got great hate against My people and it tries to undress it from the garment of glory, with which I have always, always clothed it, in order that you may be Mine. Amen.

Peace to you. Fulfill very carefully My entire world upon you, so that those who look at you may be like you. All of you, united in one thought and deed, this is how you are to prepare the coming to the spring of My people now, at the feast of My mother full of love for those who learn, at the school of love, My love without an end, and without any change in man, sons. Amen, amen, amen.

There is still a little word upon you. Sons, furthermore, I give you powers and a lot of blessings for the renewal work and for the work of New Jerusalem upon the house in which I, the Lord, had work before My people by My trumpet, Verginica. (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) The place has been changing its face; the people in which, I, the Lord, have come down on earth by My trumpet to feed My people. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) Let your entire work there be blessed and worked with great peace, for I have power over that place, as I prophesied that I would have. Amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.