2007.07.22 — The Word of God, sixteen years from the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem

The Word of God[1], sixteen years from the laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem[2]

My book of today is My love from the end of the time for man. The book, which I, the Lord, have written, in these days by those on whom I have become word, heard on the earth, this book is the book of the Lamb. (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) — The Word of God (1955–2005), r.n.) I have opened it to set it on the earth and to be the fulfillment of My second coming from the Father to man. Amen.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of the Father Sabaoth. I pour out the word of My mouth on the earth, and it becomes book to read from. I call the man to My coming, and I send a letter to him to call him. I do not need temples and buildings made by people to call the people in them and to worship Me as they would worship a King and to take My word from Me. Oh, I need room in man, in his ear and heart, not in a house made by man. I need affection and love from man. I do not need a big building to meet the man in it and to speak to him, but I need a broken and humble heart in man. Only in this way I have room within man and not otherwise. Amen.

Peace to you, children from the gates! Open to the Lord! Behold, this is how I come in to be with the man and to speak to him. With the creation of everything that is, after I had built the heavenly and angelic powers in the beginning, then I built a house for Me on earth, I built the man out of dust and word, and then I made him a living being, with My power, for the heavenly powers were My disciples, and then I have set Myself down into the man’s heart and I have loved him and taken rest in him, for I made the man to be a place of My coming to the man on earth. Behold, this is how I work My coming on earth. I work smoothly, holily and peacefully with the man who gives Me help to come, and again, then, I work with power and with sudden coming over the man who does not want to know from the creatures the Lord, the Creator, the All-knowing and All-seeing. Amen.

Peace to you, people of My coming from the Father to the man, now, in the end of the time. I have always, always exhorted you to raise above all the other worries for you the worry for My coming to you as word, and from you word on the earth. I have told you, My people, to carry this deed in your heart and love, for this deed is otherwise than any other work of yours. It has to be your little pillow from where you lift up your head, when you get up from the sleep of the rest of your body in the morning, and again it has to be the little pillow where you lay your head when you go to bed in the evening for the rest of your body, tired of the daily labor. You should not wake up or go to bed without worries, this is what I have taught you, people of the obedience to My word, exhorting over man in these days. The first and last care of your daily worries shall not be the care for you; no, son, not this way, for if I am not, how are you supposed to be? Will you be any longer if I am not? Nevertheless, you should not only believe or tell Me that I am, for I am He Who works, not the One Who stay and look and that is all, My people.

Oh, My people Jerusalem of today, sixteen years ago, I have made the little garden of My word on earth. First I built it out of sons, faithful to Me and to My coming from the Father to man, and only after that I brought into being, by their little hands, the visible deed of My little garden for My coming in the end of the time, as it was My place of work when I built the man in the beginning. I bring My work to remembrance, the day when I, the Lord, and with the sons built by Me in this little garden, set the first foundation stone of My new beginning on earth with the man. Oh, behold what it means the man do work for God on earth! Before everything else, it has to be the word of God upon man, and then his accomplished work. And the man does his works on earth in the same way. First he says and then he does, but it is one thing for God to speak and another thing for man to speak and then to do. The man’s work is not one and the same with God’s work. The man works for himself, and the Lord works for man. The man works like another man, and the Lord works like God. Amen.

Sixteen years ago I have built on the Romanian land the little garden of My word from the end of the time, and then I showed it to the people, that it was and that I become in it a table and word of Holy Spirit over the man. A table of word from God over the earth, this is what I set on this little patch of land, chosen from the beginning to be My resting place at My coming from today on earth with man, but if I had no house in man in this little garden, I couldn’t show the face of My word, the deed of My spoken word over this little garden of sons, for I built in it the ark of the covenant which is in it before the eyes of the people, and then I wrote over this little garden, I wrote a holy place, a place for the Lord, so that those, who pass by and those who see, to know when they see, to know that «there the Lord is», as it is written in the Scriptures for the name of this little garden. Behold, I come in it from the Father as word of My suffering from man, and I come in it crying in the word, I come in it calling out after the man, asking him as My house and My life in him; in it I pour out My sighing full of mourning, in it I can stay cleaned from the spirit of the world, for I have enclosed it with a boundary to be the place of God’s mourning after the man, the place of My voice, crying after man, My cry, which becomes a book before the man so that the man may learn. Oh, I did not bring into being this little garden then when I brought it into view and made it known that it was and that it had become visible on earth. Oh, and how much opposition its appearance aroused on earth! Behold what the Lord’s work wants to speak in comparison with the man’s work! When I came as a baby on earth, old Simeon prophesied, carrying Me into his arms and saying: «Behold, this Child is set for the falling and the rising of many, and for a sign which is spoken against». (Luke 2:34) Behold, what the work of the Lord is in comparison to the man’s work, My people, and I celebrate with you today the sixteenth year since I, the Lord, set this new foundation of New Jerusalem on earth, a building coming out at My word, for I said and it was done, and this sign is set as a sign spoken against. Amen.

Oh, I look and I look again at that day when I, the Lord, had in this little garden with the sons of My word, My bishop from the end of the time, the one faithful of My coming from the Father, as word of creation, word of the renewal of the world, as the Scriptures predicted that I would work. I look with divine affection and I take into My hand that day of love and I comfort it with My saints and with My angels, and I comfort the head and the little heart of My bishop and I make him feel My comfort where he is. He is in the midst of the pain from man’s disbelief, who by calling to each other and one next to the other, he calls himself My house to the people, and the house of the people to Me, but he is a liar, because here it is how My coming to the man is, for I am God and not man, and I am not like man, but I am God. Amen.

I comfort the head and the little heart of My bishop, by whom I, the Lord, sixteen years ago, I let it be known on earth about My little garden of word and My work in it over man, and in this day of holy remembrance, I, the Lord, start from this little garden as word, to call out with him to those who have established themselves as shepherds, but they do not shepherd, to call out to them to teach them to take from Me the gift of the holy faith, to be able to teach you how to believe in My coming to them and to you, My country of coming down, My today’s nation, Romanian nation, for I have not come to you to do you any harm, but I have rather come to give you happiness and to let you on your hearth. (See the selection topic: Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan”, r.n.) And in this day of sweet memorial I would also like to call out to those who have established themselves over you to rule, Romanian people, and I want to teach them from Me, for they are stiff-necked and hypocrites with you, My today’s country, and they want only their glory, and those who love this way, cannot love justice for you, Oh, My country. I will exhort them until they listen, willing or not, for the heavenly powers are My disciples, to accomplish the entire word, which comes out of My mouth to come into being, and I to declare then and to say: «It is done». Amen.

May this feast be blessed into your midst, people of New Jerusalem on earth! Get used, sons, with every passing day, and more and more, to this work and to the power of My blessing over you and take care of its fruit. I have found them weak within the gates, those who receive Me in the little garden as word. Their body and soul is worn out by the heaviness that is upon them, which I am, and you, My people of today. Two thousand years ago I said that My yoke was easy. I said this because for My yoke, the man has the greatest love on the earth, for without having big love, the man cannot take My yoke on him. I said so, because the love from heaven is the sweetest burden to carry for man, the easiest among burdens, for it means the man’s comfort here and then forever. I said that My yoke was easy to carry for man, but when the unfaithful man presses on My yoke upon man, with his disbelief and his departure from God, and when I call out the man, and he does not hear Me, oh, then My yoke is very hard over the one who carries it so that I may be able to come to man and to speak to him and to invite him to life and to teach him what life is. Oh, I do not need temples and buildings made by people in order to come and to call out to the man to come to Me, but I rather need room in man, not a house made by man. I need affection and love from man, not a tall building to meet the man in it and to speak to him. The man’s humility and humbleness, this is My way to the man, and this is how I have room with the man, this is how I can have a house on earth, this way and not otherwise, My people. Amen. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

Oh, children from the gates! To the end of the day we meet again into the book, sons, for I have to set in it a word of calling. I take your weaknesses into My hand, I comfort you and I strengthen you against them, and I bring you comfort from heaven, for it is cold on earth, sons. Oh, it is so cold without love on earth. I long for comfort, but where is the one who might understand My longing? I, the Lord, have always been small with the man, so that the man may not do any harm to My coming to him, but I do not find any comfort for Me, for it is cold on earth. I told My disciples, two thousand years ago, to pray to the Father, Who is in heaven, and to ask from Him His kingdom and His will on earth, on earth as in heaven! I told them to ask in this way, because it is cold on earth. Only where the Father’s will is on earth as in heaven, only there My comfort is, only there I find comfort, only there, dear sons, only there. And soon, soon, My comfort on earth will come from man, for the heavenly powers will fulfill this and will bring the will of the Father on earth as in heaven, and the will of the man will submit then, willing or not, to the will of the heavenly Father, and the man will turn his will in God and the man will become the Lord’s house, and I will live in it and comfort Myself, and then I will find My rest, then, sons, only then. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.