2007.02.18 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the memorial of Adam’s expulsion from paradise

billy dean
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The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the memorial of Adam’s expulsion from paradise[2]

This word is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; It comes down from heaven on the earth and becomes the Teacher of eternal life upon man, and It becomes His comfort and fulfillment over those who love like God on earth too. Amen.

Oh, My people, I, the Lord your God, always come to you as word to keep you in it and to give you comfort and power by it and to have comfort and power from you, My people. The man has to love God and he has to know how to be able to do this in order to bring fruit to the Lord, My people. In this day of the memorial of My pain from the man’s falling away from God and from paradise, I, the Lord, want to remind the man to love God in the light, for in the darkness the man cannot do this. The man fell from paradise because of those that were hidden in him and those that are hidden are called darkness and they comprise the man in the darkness and there is no one to teach the man the power, the guard and the light from those that are worked by him in the light, in the view, for the man who hides between man and man stays in the darkness and My way is that with the light on it. Amen.

Oh, My people, there is a great need of the teaching from heaven on the earth, for the man cannot be a son of the day if he does not know what the day means and what the night means for man. Now it is written for the man a time of fasting from food and the man does not know what the power of fasting is, and he does not know, poor of him, why he has to keep fasting from food. He who fasts from food is wiser and more diligent for his soul, then he sees better and works more beautifully, cleaner, and he cleanses more from the evil things in him, for the abstinence of his stomach reduces the man’s worries and lusts which come from the lust of the body and from the lust of the eye, and these take the man back to haughtiness and the man becomes a son of the devil and there is no one to teach the man that he cannot have Me as his God if he works this way. The fasting from food has to be entwined with the work from God over the man, for otherwise the man cannot get away from the work of the devil when he abstains only with his belly from gorging and he does not abstains with his soul from this too. I am gentle and humble in heart, and this is what I have taught the man to learn and to work, and the one who stops from the lust of the body is not counted if he does not have as work from heaven over his soul humility and love that make the man gentle and humble in his heart for the work of his peace in him and around him then, to God’s perfection in him, and behold, this is the mystery of the fasting and its good power in man then. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.)

I remember with endless grief of the man that was built by My hand and then put in paradise and in obedience by Me in that garden. Oh, the man did not listen to God, he did not listen but he rather listened to himself, to the man and to the devil. Behold, if the man does not love and does not listen to God, then he abstains from food in vain, for if he hides in himself with those of his mind and heart, then all his things come back into the darkness, the same as Adam went into disobedience because of his lack of love of God, after he became two of one and was no longer one body before Me, one will, one love for the One Who made him.

Oh, My people, it is a great pain when the man is not one with God. It is also pain for man and for God. The one who is not one with Me, that one is in the darkness and that is why he is not one with Me. The one who is not one with Me between him and his brother, that one is in the darkness and the man does not know to be in God if there is no one to teach him.

Oh, children from the gates, not long ago I have told you that I cannot do the man good through you if he does not receive Me with My view in you and with My correction upon him. I cannot work but only over the one who waits for Me and he who waits for Me is the one who receives Me and I cannot do the man good otherwise and I cannot save him from the evil in him, for the man works the evil naturally and this nature of man turns him out from the care for God and for the light from God in him and for the Lord’s rest in him. Oh, watching children on My behalf over the people who stays in the light with its life and with its work! I have always given you work and made see what you work, and the people has to learn more and more beautifully to believe in My work through you and to understand well the good and the light and My way to him through you to do him good and to have him as Mine, for Adam did not receive Me to do him good, to teach him the light and to save him from the reward of the darkness, and he hid in himself and then the man lost the paradise, the rest and the peace of his soul when he did so, and then he could no longer love God and God’s will in him when he worked from his self over his life given to him by Me.

Oh, watching children, take care of the people of My word, and always, always exhort him to eat My entire word that is put on him, for Adam trampled over My word and took his word to fulfill it and it is not good for the man to work from his self, watching sons. I, the Lord, in this day of teaching, exhort the holy people to fulfill the entire word that comes from Me to him and to watch to be a son of the day and of obedience to God, for I have to redeem the man from falling and through the obedience of My people I am able to work this Scripture, which I came on the earth and became man for. Amen.

I, the Lord your God, want you, My people, to be gentle and humble in your heart and to learn this work of Mine in you, and by its fulfillment in you to know to abstain from food, and with this fasting to do Me good, because it is good to work for the Lord and not for you, and the Lord will take care of you for your work with Him, for your love for him, My people, and He will give you all those necessary things that you need. Oh, look at the man built by My hand, who has been staying only in tears since he fell from Me and by this time, when I have raised a people to come to it with the saints and to speak out a word for the renewal of the world into its midst and to wipe out the tear of the man built by My hand, for I work with the word and My creation is not otherwise, My people, only that I may have room with the man and with the speaking of My word on earth, today’s son of My word.

Oh, people waited by the dead and by the living ones! Oh, people meant by God for the work of heaven on earth! Behold, you have to work with Me the work of the renewal of the word, the work of the resurrection of the creature and to be the manger, in which the word of God comes down, the word of creation after seven thousand years from man’s fall, for the man fell from God and has left many tears behind him, and he has made tears in Me, for My Spirit breathed over him and put life in him to have him My house then. Oh, the man has not given Me any shelter in him after he trespassed My word in order that he might not listen to Me, and He caused Me sufferance and tears and he has no longer loved Me, and behold, the Son of Man has nowhere to lie His head, as I said two thousand years ago, when I showed My pain to those of that time, who had to follow Me then and to put in them the faith in God and the obedience in Him and the work for Him, the work that was broken by the man, whom I built for My works.

Oh, My people I bless you for My work with you by which you should work upon you the power of food abstinence, but do not forget: be gentle and humble in your heart, and learn this from Me, as I urged My disciples from two thousand years ago. Oh, do not learn this work from the man. Learn it from Me, for this is what I said: «Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart». I bless you with this good thing, My people, and this is how you are supposed to entwine the work of the abstinence from food, and each son of My people needs to have great care of the spirit of peace and without tension in every work done by the hand and by the spirit, and let your fasting from food be helped by this gentle spirit and by the humility of your hearts, sons, and this is how you have to work for Me, for My victory worked with tears and with great patience and waiting after the man to bring salvation to the man and the redemption, which I paid for him when I was hanged on the cross for him. The man should give Me back My love for the man, and let him listen to Me to be able to protect him, for the devil has always pulled the man out of Me by his disobedience, and behold, the man has to learn how to come back in Me and how to stay in Me, so that the devil may not find him outside of Me. Amen.

Oh, weak man, come back to Me to be saved from your enemy and yours, for he who is your enemy cannot do you any good. He who takes you out of God, that one is your enemy, weak man, and you cannot do anything without Me, nothing of what you say that you do, to have and then to lose, for everything you do, you do only to lose it afterwards, and you do no longer know this if you stay outside of Me and run away from My way! Oh, come to Me to help you, come, weak man! Oh, let Me stay in your way and let Me take you in the boat of salvation. Get used to abstain from food, give the meat away from you, and get used do the will of the Holy Spirit, weak man! Amen.

Oh, sons of men, do no longer eat meat! Do no longer let yourselves be dragged by this temptation, which gives birth in you to the spirit of debauchery, of which you do no longer repent. Enough! Do no longer eat meat! Stop drinking any drinks that destroy you, sons of people! (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him? ”, r.n.) Shake yourselves from the lust of the body and from the lust of the eyes, which draw you to debauchery, and do no longer feed by this the spirit of the pride of life and of the debauchery of life, for the life is only that which comes from God, only that which is lived with God, and the life is not otherwise. Receive from Me the way of life and repent from the evil things in you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in spirit, and this is how you have to teach and live in all the days of fasting from food, for your fasting is otherwise and it is not good for you either, because they have to learn not only in their body to fast but also in their soul. And if you want the eternal life, do no longer eat meat, do no longer eat meat, oh, sons of people, and love God to be able to this and to be able to do this for Him, for He loves you and waits for you to love Him, and this is how you should escape from bondage, and this is how to learn to be alive. Amen. May your love for God and the days of fasting for God’s victory in you be blessed, if you love God in them! I give you power of love and faith by love. I give you My peace, and I give you not as the world gives you, but I give you as I gave it to those who were saved by their love of God, oh, sons of men, for God is the man’s salvation and the glory of those who love Him for His glory on earth. Amen.

Oh, My people, bow son, that you may always wait for Me to come as word into your midst. Bow son, for bowing is love, and behold, I bow and I become word all over the earth by your humility under My word. Bow, My people, to the work of the blessing from above, for where the brothers live together there it has to be a beautiful place by union, the place of My blessings, as the dew blesses the land in the mornings, and behold, where there is love and togetherness in the work of brothers within My love, there I, the Lord, have commanded the blessing and the life to eternity, My people. May your love be blessed, and the time of the fasting starts now to grow you in love and to make heaven on earth among brothers and then to make you gentle and humble in your heart like God, and that He may bless you on the earth beneath and in the heaven above, for this is what I have commanded My blessings to stay and to be and to comprise in them those who love together in union in My name, and they living before Me as in heaven on earth, always receiving Me to have room and board with them and to have My glory among them. Amen.

Oh, My people of old, since I have come down on earth as word now, in the end of the time! Oh, you should bow too! Bow in order to do My will! There is no love of God greater than this for the man to do God’s will. Bow with repentance and bow with holy fasting and well pleased to Me, and then clothe yourselves with power so that you may be able to work for God, My people of old. Clothe your house in holiness and then your body and life, My people of old, and do not forget My spending with you now on the earth as word. I teach you what life is and I exhort you to it. Come down to be adorned by My advice upon you. Bow to abstinence and learn the repentance from it, for abstinence saves you from the laziness of your soul and from the many worries of your life, from the love of controlling your life and from the empty and damaging speaking, just as the gluttony urges the man to these. However, you should seek to come to the adorning for the spirit of cleanness, for the humility of mind and heart and for the patience in everything that may come to test you, and these will be crowned by the love with which you will work, for all those are done through love and they have been done to be. Amen.

My people of old, bow, and take My will over your life, for I, the Lord, wait for you with it to be fulfilled before Me, to wipe out your guilt that You forsake Me and that you may also be Mine, and I yours, My people, being Mine from very old time. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.