2006.07.07 — The Word of God at the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer[2]

The saints urge Me to come down as word on the earth, and I, the Lord, listen in heaven to those who have listened to God on the earth. I become the will of the saints in heaven and on earth, for their will is that I may overcome over the earth with My work of New Jerusalem and to give the crown to the saints, for only in the end of the victorious fight for heaven, only than are the little crowns given to those who overcome for themselves and for the saints according to the will in heaven, and not according to that which is in man. Amen.

I strengthen Myself in the way to bring it into submission and that it may keep Me in it to reach the man’s ear by the word. I can do everything I want, like the man who can do it either, but My power is submitted to man, and I cannot overcome over the man for Me, if he cannot take from Me and then to be able to work for Me and to work like Me, because if the man can work like him, then I can no longer work over the man anymore, and My great work remains for the saints, for those who are submitted by faith to My plan with them, in the same way God gave birth to John on the earth for Me, the torch of My path to the man.

Oh, My baptizer! How really shall I go on working over the man in such a way that he may be able to understand what God means, what God’s man means and what the common man means? How shall I still do with the man on the earth? I have come on the earth with a spirit of life giving. I have shown My life to the man, My sacrifice before the Father and before the man and this is how I have become the man’s teacher. I Myself have shown the man how his nature, his mind, his heart and his walking in life should be on the earth. Oh, the man did not look at Me, neither then and nor now. I have remained the last one both then and now because the man does not know what God means, for if he knew he would have known Me, but those who knew Me and perceived Me then, they are those who know Me now too. Those who were born saints and those who have become saints at My teaching have known Me, but today I have been prophesying on the earth for fifty years and no one becomes a saint under My poor struggling to make room to Me near the man and then in the man with his making in My image and after My likeness.

Oh, who shall I cry in heaven for My mourning with, if not with My saints, who look after the last ones, after those who have been waiting by all sighing creature before Me for seven thousand years for its salvation, for My place on the earth with the man and with the entire creation? Oh, what else shall I do in a day of feast of the saints than to cry with My saints, and they to cry with Me? If the man does not cry together with Me, the One Who has been mourning over by him, who shall I keep My mourning with if not with the saints who had cried on the earth with Me, after Me and for Me, the One Who has been mocked by man? The man spends his life in everything he says that it does him good and the man cannot do like Me. Oh, My baptizer, we cry with one another for the Father’s mourning, Who is crushed within Us because of man. We cry and we cry as on earth, and we strengthen ourselves from our pains. Only because of pains we have to gather strength. What shall we really do with the man to long after his paradise, My place with the man? Let us comfort ourselves within Our pains and in Our longing after the man who has been wandering away from heaven on the earth. Let Us sigh deeply and let the man hear Us; let him hear Us. Amen, amen, amen.

– Come, God and little Lamb, Who humble Yourself and stay only humble for Your walking on the earth. You spoke once to those who have carried You as Your word to the man, and You told them that before man one should go on his knees so that he may be able to walk on his feet. However now, the pain in You whispers to those who walk like that for Your way with the man, and it whispers to them that one should go only on his elbows and knees, and not only on his knees for the man’s walking on his feet, who is not used to the walking that pleases God and from which Your comfort and the comfort of Your saints come, Your hope and the hope of Your saints, little and suffering Lamb. I comfort You with my hand with which I poured out running water over Your head in the river Jordan, and I remind You of my pain by which I was teaching the people to repent and then to become a dwelling place of Your kingdom with which You came on the earth to establish it in man. However, they came because of the fear of the heavenly wrath due to the wandering away of their life, but they did not come for repentance. You have also come today for their repentance from heaven, as word and sign of Your coming, but the people remain far away from Your calling with their works, with their life, and as some offspring of vipers try to run away from the wrath and in no way do they come for repentance and then for a holy and new life. The man comes to You and then tries to lose You for his life, and he does not come with repentance. The brood of vipers, after they are born, kill their mother, and that is why I called brood of vipers those who did not come for repentance and then for Your life in them; and not to strike You after the man comes, after You open for him to come in and have life and work like Yours from You. Oh, You are God, but the one who wants to try to come to You by Your calling, forgets who You are and who he is, and the man forgets that he is small and that You are God, and that it is because of Your mercy You call and receive Him, and not that he may boast that he has You as his Father, but to really have You, if he has got You and if he boasts about this. The one who boasts about this, that one can no longer pray to You, for those who are Yours humble themselves deeply, they are afraid of Your greatness and stay little under it and stay in submission waiting for Your mercy over their weaknesses, over their weak powers.

Oh, little and teaching Lamb, the man does not know why I called You the Lamb of God, why the prophets called you the slaughtered Lamb, as in fact You are, for their prophesies have been fulfilled. Woe to the one who is greater and stronger than You are, and not like You, little Lamb, and happy is the one who lets himself be made in Your image and after You likeness, dear little lamb to be like You, Lord. However, the man is haughty, poor of him, and he cannot be little lamb. The man is discontent and the one who is discontent cannot be aggrieved, for his dissatisfaction is a spirit nourished by the spirit of haughtiness against another one, it is nourished by the spirit of judgment against the one who is blamed by man. Oh, the man does not want to remain with You, gentle and little Lamb, and one should go on his elbows and knees to help the man to humility like ours, Lord of those who are humble and full of Your grace full of Your life in man.

Oh, people who hear the word from God! Let the Lord not speak alone, let Him not listen alone and let Him not remain alone. I did not know how to listen to Him more beautifully and more truly when He was speaking to Me and was teaching Me. He was very humble to hide His face of my God. He did not want me to think that He was greater than I was. He humbled Himself like a God and He was teaching me, and I was receiving of His grace like a perfect disciple. I did not want to be less than He was in the work of my life. This is how I had followed my Teacher, and He was the Lamb of God, and only at Jordan I saw this, for He was humble and did not want to be known by His greatness, but He rather He hid His greatness like a God, and the man has not learned this yet even from God, after he has learned about God’s humility.

Oh, gentle Lord and submitted to the Father and to the man! Shall I cry out to the people to repent as I was calling out two thousand years ago to those who were coming to be baptized without a spirit of repentance first? Behold, I call them out and I tell them, and I speak like David to them who think that they are masters in Your place over the earth and over them: «Teach them to serve the Lord in fear and after that then rejoice with awe, you kings who judge the earth. Understand and receive this teaching lest you may have no place where to flee from the wrath, which is to come, and thus to perish from the right way which calls you to it, when the wrath of the Lord will be kindled in an instant. Repent and give forth fruit of repentance and do not rely on the Lord as on your father, if you do not receive from His Spirit, giving of eternal life, within Him, for the Lord can make worthy sons out of those who are not taken into consideration by you. Bow and receive from God, for He is the wisdom of life, oh, kings and people from the earth!” Amen.

And now, little Lamb, Lord, fulfill the fruit of my calling to the man. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, I cry with the saints for the man’s disobedience, and the one who knows to receive life from God will take and have and will do the work of New Jerusalem before Me.

Oh, people taught by God and by His saints! Do hear what John, My baptizer, has told you. He had always, always been taking of My Spirit and he had always, always, been a perfect disciple, like his Teacher, and I was his Teacher, just as I am your Teachers as well.

Oh, people, taught and taught by God! I have spoken with the saints in heaven and on earth before you. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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