2006.06.11 — The Word of God at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit[2]

In a feast of Holy Spirit, I bless you with the blessing of the Lord your God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Romanian Jerusalem, and I establish you to Me and I strengthen you within the holiness of the spirit, of the soul and of the body, to be My will, people of My word, and you should fulfill Me with My kingdom within you and you should heal My waiting for seven thousand years after the man, for I have come down on the earth as the heavenly teaching of fifty years, and the one who lives by it, that one becomes My rest and peace, and he becomes My kingdom, My people. I have been teaching the man gently and sweetly during this time. In addition, as a merciful Teacher, I have established My word on the earth and I have made of it My second coming from near the Father to the people. I have been calling the man with affection and I have been staying within his way with a spirit of life giving, and now I have given to the man, My book of fifty years in the end of the time and I still wait for him to give Me love, to give Me mercy and to learn that I want mercy, and not sacrifice, for his sacrifice neither comforts Me nor him, but his comfort has been giving Me comfort instead, because for seven thousand years I have been aggrieved and full of longing after My live in man, waiting to come in him with My kingdom, with My peace and his, and to make, with the man’s help, a new heaven and a new earth, as I have promised through the prophets, My people.

I comfort you with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, sons anointed in the garden. Feel His comfort and be strengthened in your hearts and give to My people and to the man who looks for Me with you, give the book of My word of fifty years, (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.) the little path through which I have been coming down to the earth in order to teach the man the way and the love for eternity, which sets the man within eternal life between earth and heaven, if he loves to be in My image and after My likeness. I, the Lord, comfort you for the labor of the work of the book and I take it and bless it with the spirit of life giving, to be a spring of power from heaven over the man and let the man be comforted with God, for there is no other comfort on the earth besides Me, and I want the man to understand the mystery of comfort from which the power of life and its peace comes.

Oh, how much I want to embrace the man within the mystery of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter! Oh, how much I want the man to seek after this water of word and to clothe himself inside and outside with the life of My word!

Oh, anointed sons, receive My book with you and lift it up and ask that it may become light on the earth. Pray to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, and then give this book to the people. Sit down sons, and bring prayer to your Lord, for the Lord is listening to you now, and He is fulfilling. Amen, amen, amen.

Lord, we bring ourselves before You with praying hearts, so that You may make them into Your kingdom among people, for You, Master of heaven and earth, of those that are seen and of those that are not seen of Yours, we have made us Your people now, in the end of the time, so that You may become a book, if You have become word upon us teaching us by it the life with the heavenly life before You. You have worked with us, the little ones, great joy for the heavenly hosts and angels, hosts, which, for seven thousand years have been waiting for Your victory which the man crushed it when You made him in the beginning to have him as Your rest. You have settled down on the earth as word and You have prepared with him a table for the saints and You have come with them as You promised that You would come with Your saints for those who are the least. However, we have been small and we have not watched within us as long as You have been waiting for You and for Your saints, because the man’s power is small, Lord, and You are such a great God in comparison with our weaknesses, but we have stood faithfully before You, for You have strengthened us to stand and to confess You that You are the word upon us. We bring prayer to You, once with the opening of Your book with us before the people and we ask from You that every man who will take Your light from You may take from it the wisdom of the eternal life and of the patience before it, patience with love and with faith in it, holy and sonship patience, our Lord, the Comforter. There is no comfort on the earth, and You told us that You wait on the earth for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter so that we may comfort You with Him, with Your Spirit in us, Lord. However, we are so weak since the time is hard and it presses hard on us, although we would like to be the vessels of Your power for the need of those who will come from Your salvation. We ask You for Your great forgiveness for all our weaknesses and we ask You to give us power against them to be able to carry You with Your will, fulfilled in us more and more, for You promised us that You would appear with us in great glory so that You may testify about Yourself that You were the One Who has become word and book upon us.

And now, give to the people the gift of the holy faith and the spirit of humility before Your word full of fire of Holy Spirit and of longing after the man, and make those who will find You through this book, make them strong against the temptations from the earth and against those things which come from the flesh, and give them the spirit of holy prayer by which they may be able to ask from You a new heaven, a new earth and a New Jerusalem in them and upon them, according to Your promise from the Scriptures, and give them that wisdom because it is not the people but You, with the Spirit of the Father in You, that will fulfill this by the faith and by the steadfastness of those who will love You with humility and repentance and with the spirit of prophecy upon them, for this book is Your Spirit, Lord of those who humble themselves before You for Your glory, for Yours is the glory, Lord. And to us, to those who are Your tired ones, give us forgiveness for all our weaknesses by which we have made You suffer, as we have been aggrieved because we have made You suffer, and You know how much we have caused You sufferance, and give us the power, which You need in us, for You can do everything when You want. Our words are insignificant when we speak to You to accomplish Your will through them, which You wait to happen on the earth, as You had fulfilled it thorough all the ages by the prayer of Your loved ones and up to us. However, please listen to us, for we ask You to fulfill Your kingdom in us and in the people according to Your great will, and have mercy on us with the spirit of Your comfort, and please spare us by protecting us under Your hand of the Master of those who have no other god besides You.

We lift the book of Your word of fifty years and we ask Your help to fulfill in us those that are in it, and we ask for mercy from You, for we are small in comparison with the greatness of those things that will be fulfilled by the power of Your word.

And now, bless Your book with us and share Yourself, Lord, and then protect Your inheritance and protect us for it, so that we may stand before You with joy, with the spirit of Your peace, with Your power in us, fulfilling Your will in us, for we want this for Your glory, but help us, as we are Your least ones, Lord. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, you are small and weak, but I, the Lord, can work for you. Do not be afraid because I can. Amen. Do not be afraid, small children, for My kingdom belongs to the small children. The great ones have their own kingdom and they cannot work for Me. However, I can work through the little ones, and I will give them to be able to work, for My will is everything I have been waiting for seven thousand years, small children. I would like to stay with you in the word and I would comfort you much, but you are tired and you are weak.

I strengthen the people of My word and I give to it of My Spirit and this is what I say: people, people, take My book with you and set it upon you and then rejoice over My fulfillment in you and be comforted with Me, in order that I may receive comfort from you and that You may give Me comfort with My kingdom in you, son. I will strengthen the sons of the garden in order that they may share with you the book of My word upon you, and then to make Me glad from you, to be power and comfort to each other and then to be Holy Spirit over the earth by its overflowing with light, for you are My witness.

Oh, My people, you have to be clean from the spirit of the world, for the world is a heavy burden upon My Spirit. Oh, My people, you should be holy as the Lord, your God is holy and you have to follow the way of the paradise on the earth, and then I, the Lord, will take care of everything you need, for I am your Father, My people. I embrace you within the mystery of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, for it is a feast of the Holy Spirit. Let each son of My word become a feast for the Holy Spirit, to fulfill the feast of the Holy Spirit in every place where I have sons who love My kingdom in them. I advise you, My people, to be filled with the zeal and love and to fulfill the word of the book. Be humble, son, be shy, be humble and gentle, and always, always, let it spring in you and from you the sweet fruit of the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, and the fruit will be seen from heaven and then from the earth. Amen.

Come together in Me, sons. Learn to love Me and let this be sufficient for you. Learn the wisdom of the kingdom of the heavens in you, and learn it more and more, and stay within this mystery, for I have given you much, and I want to stay in you in the same way and to turn you into dwelling places of the Holy Spirit so that you may be happy then, and to be victorious by My power, and to overcome for it.

Peace to you! Comfort yourselves with the spring of My word and be content and thankful and be holy, sons, for the holy one is the dwelling place of My peace. Always become a new heaven and a new earth for My will in you, and I, the Lord, let My blessing come down upon you so that you may understand well the Mystery of My will and to have power for its fulfillment in you, and to renew the world through you, which is to be and to make you into My comfort.

Peace to you, Jerusalem! Be good, son, for the one who believes in Me has My comfort in him. Peace to you, and become a dwelling place of My glory, for you have My teaching upon you, but ask Me to dwell within you, to be with you, for behold, I ask for you as well. I ask you to be My kingdom, My people son, and you should abide through it and you should build Me in it, for I have built you for it, and I have called you a new building, I have called you New Jerusalem, My people. Amen, amen, amen. (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) — The Word of God (1955–2005) , r.n.)


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.