2006.01.08 — The Word of God at the synod of the Lord’s Mother

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The Word of God[1] at the synod of the Lord’s Mother[2]

Come, My sweet mother; it is My day and yours. In the day of My birth among the people I became your Son after the angel Gabriel had rejoiced you by giving you the news that you would give birth to a son and that I would be your Son. I was the Son of the Father Sabaoth, born of Him before eternity, and then the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Father’s being and Mine, dwelt in your virgin belly, and after the ordained time, I was born a child on earth, and since then the faithful people has been celebrating Us with songs of birth, mother, with the joy of their salvation, because I fulfilled then the redemption from the death of the man, by a death on the cross, the tribute paid to death to take the man out of eternal death, mother, and if the man wants to believe in Me, the perfect One, then let him no longer die, mother, for I spoke, and the man does not fulfill what I have said, and this is what I said: «He who believes in Me will never die». However, we lived in the spirit, soul and body all the sufferance of the fallen man, for We loved so much, mother, and within Our faultless faith we suffered on earth for the salvation of the man from the death, as it is for this that I had come down from heaven.

This sweet speaking is for the disciples. You had the love of a perfect disciple, for the love from above was everything that you had, everything that you worked and gave around, mother. Teach My people the love of your life and its love of a child submitted to everyone with love and patience, for you knew from the Holy Spirit the reward of the saints’ patience, and I want to speak like you too, that My people may have a reward from God and to work for it as you worked and lived and sanctified yourself for the Holy Spirit, My sweet mother. Amen, amen, amen.

– The mystery of God’s sons, oh, my dear child, oh, my Lord and Master, this is what I want to wake up in the heart of the sons of Your people. You have given them power to become God’s sons. The sons of God are born of God and they have to take after God. You said that the one, who is not born from above, is not able to inherit the work of heavenly sons, the work of a perfect disciple. Only those born from above have the work and the reward of a disciple. Only those who understand Your love by which You gave Yourself into the arms of death for Your love for man, to make the man like You, only those who do not stay without cross, Son of sufferance for the love of those who are born out of the pains of Your sufferance for the man. Blessed are those who believe in You and who never dies, because they are like the angels who believe in You, child who came on earth to destroy death and to show the man the love and its mystery, which gives birth to the man from above, from where the eternity of life is, Son, child of the Father and mine. The tear of joy, when I see You speaking with the Father among those in heaven about the comfort that comes from our descent into the middle of Your people, makes Me remind those who have Your name by this word upon them, that the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, waits from near them to come over the Father and over You and over all those who have got heavenly bodies in heaven, and to comfort them, and they to comfort God’s heaven as well, Son full of longing of perfect disciples by the love from above, the same as I loved on earth.

Oh, sons of the word of my Son! The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, stays near you always, always, to go from you to God with comfort, so that the Lord may destroy together with you the death that is upon man and to bring back the resurrection of the dead and the life of heavenly comfort on earth. The death is not comforting, but it rather deceives the man with its lying sweets, until the man is caught by its reward full of pains. However, the life is an endless comfort and the pain for the comforting reward is the work of the perfect disciples, who, like me, have the life from above as their wealth of life, which becomes comfort in man and for man. Do not give this richness away from your hearts, because my Son have always told you: “Be sweet and stay covered in the clouds by angels to be protected and to be saints, and be sweet children, for I was a sweet child at My Father and mother, and I did their will, and I worked within a sweet humility the work of a perfect disciple by the patience from above.” Amen.

Oh, children of the birth from above, this is what my beloved Son has exhorted you, the One Who the Father was pleased with in His will. You should also be pleased within Him with His sweet will, but learn the work of a perfect disciple, looking in my life. I was sweet in my speaking, deed, love and conduct, and my life was the sacrifice of my humble spirit, the one full of mercy for God and for man. Oh, how sweet my word was and I had done no harm with my mouth but I comforted instead and shared the mystery of the holy heaven, the love from above all over around me and all the time, day and night, for My dough was the dough of a perfect disciple, with love, with mercy and longing and with salvation in it. Drink of the spring of my life and let you be kneaded of the dough of my being. Be one spirit with those who are to you from the Lord a guiding life for the salvation of your souls, spirits and bodies. Think within yourselves with their love of God and of people. Oh, these children-sons teach you so beautifully from the Lord and from His Scriptures. You shall not make them suffer, sons. Work before them as I did among those who set me as an example of His life and love in me. Give power to those who take you along on the imperial way to be able to carry you with gentleness, with comfort, but also be the sons of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, because I gave birth to the Lord for you and I gave Him to you as life, and I loved you as in the end, when the love from above is set on fire to give light over those who are lifeless, without birth from heaven, and that they may know of the love from above, the love from above which is from God.

Oh, sons of the people with a holy name, be holy in your heart and speaking and be likewise within your giving with mercy and with love, for the Lord your God is holy, children of the birth from above. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My sweet mother, how sweet your speaking is, for you are a perfect disciple of your Teacher, Jesus Christ! Your son, the model of the new man, came from the Father among people. Amen.

Oh, My people, I, the Lord your God, was born in a cave and I was laid down in the straw and I was born to be deprived of all those things on earth, so that I may not love this world with all its things that pass away. I was perfect God on earth, just as the Father is. I appeared before the people as I lived and loved, so that the man might be able to know how to be and how to love the Lord on earth and not to love himself, and to deny himself and to be like the Lord. I gave My mother, the Virgin, before the people as an image of the perfect disciple in love, by her filling the people with the longing after Me, her Son and God. This is how you should also be, My people, and you should teach them the mystery of the eternal life, the mystery of the work of the disciple of the Lord on earth, so that I may have into your midst children-sons whom you may help them to be as I want them to be, with their teaching upon you. Do not bow, but rather lift them up from their heaviness and receive Me from them, for they show you the path of life and they have to work at your life, My people. Amen.

You should love the feast of My birth, new Jerusalem, for My resurrection in man is the work that comes after My birth in man and in his work, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, knows how to work the eternal victory in you, the Teacher and the miracle of those who are saved, My people, My wanted Jerusalem, My comfort from the earth, for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is waited from the earth to comfort the Lord and to set Him as Lord and Savior over the earth. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.