2005.11.21 — The Word of God at the synod of the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel

The Word of God[1] at the synod of the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel[2]

I have come down to My people on earth with the day of the feast of the angels. Before Me and before them, there goes their chief angel, Michael, the archangel, My angel, and everyone listens to him and comes to the feast near the people of My word. It is a heavenly order in all the retinue of My coming with the angels and with the saints. It is a feast as in heaven, not as on earth, and this is how I come when I come to the people to feed it with word and with grace from grace, and to exalt it to the humility of spirit, which is the grace of My angels in heaven and on earth.

Come; open for Me, you from the gates. I knock at the gates when I arrive before them. Come, watchful children, because happy is the servant, whom I find watching for My coming. Therefore, open for Me! I am Who I am. I tell you Who I am when I knock while coming. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lord of the angels of the heavenly glories, the Lord of the saints, and I am the Lord your God, and you should have a people, so that I may have what you have, because if you do not have, I do not have either. Those who have you among them and Me, they are those whom I have, because I have set you before My coming to share My word and all those, who love to fulfill the word to the glory of My name over the faithful and the unfaithful, may come together near it, for woe to those who know the word from Me and not perform it for the glory of My name on it over the believers and unbelievers of My coming once, (At first, at the creation of man, r.n.) and then once again two thousand years ago, and again, now, after the ages and their seals have passed, so that I may be able to open My book with the seven seals and to work out the righteousness for God with it, and which the people of the ages have always, always forgotten about, because on earth it is not as in heaven and it is not seen as in heaven. (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.) The man stays away from God on earth, and that is why the heaven is not seen by man, but there is no man who, by taking off his body, may not see the heaven on earth and may not suffer deeply and heavily from his separation from God and from God’s angels, because without angels the man is not able to have any word before Me. Without God’s angels one cannot erase from the tally the man’s departure from God. And here I am with an angelic feast near My people born of My word in this time. (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) — The Word of God (1955–2005), r.n.)

My Romanian voice fills the air with the glory of My word carried by My angel, because without an angel I cannot be before the man. The angels do not have any body, and they cover My body between Me and man, as they covered it when I settled in the Father, ascending on angels after I was resurrected from crucifixion.

My people, I want to make joy to the angels. Michael, the archangel, My angels, is their chief angel, who is the angel of My people as well. I am his word and he is My word.

I have got a little fold into your midst, My people, and I am born and grow up and share Myself to you and to the man on earth, because I have the angels as My bearers and those who share Me forward to you from near you; to you and to the man on earth. All the angels of My glory listen to My angel, and he listens to Me as in heaven so on earth.

Oh, My angel! Speak! Amen, amen, amen.

If You command, Lord, I fulfill and I glorify You in heaven and on earth, by speaking. Your Romanian voice is in my word and I am Your angel, Your word, which becomes angel over Your people, and over Your angel. Amen.

Oh, people served by the angels and by the saints of the invisible heaven, which is not seen by man! We are those who cover by our nature without a body the Lord of the glory in His coming to you with food of eternal life and with power for it. Let the one who wants to see the Lord of glory, arise above and beyond his body and live on earth as one without body, by the fruits of the Spirit and then by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh, Lord, I would like to tell Your people and mine to remember Your word by which You have exhorted it to work as in heaven. You have told once to those who set You as word before Your people, You have told them to leave only one helm on each city of Christians, to protect Your people from all the hardships inside and outside of it. Your teaching Spirit said through the prophets: «Woe to the city with many rulers over it or to the one without a ruler over it!» These two are equal in wickedness, because the city with many rulers do not have any ruler at all, and that is why it is so, and the city without a ruler is so because many sit down in it to rule.

Oh, Lord of the beautiful glory of Your angels and saints! The guidance in the time of Moses over Israel people was meant to be beautiful. He organized leaders and they also chose assistants for a good leadership, and there were not chosen randomly at this heavenly work. No one was choosing himself, because Your Holy Spirit in Moses was working by marking down those who were worthy of God. However, if those who have been marked do not have within their care people from among those with faithfulness of spirit, then those who were marked cannot make a heavenly order peacefully and usefully for God, as it is among God’s angels. No people and no city are able to escape from sufferance upon it if it does not know to have a leadership over those in the city. Oh, Lord Teacher, let Your people follow the example from the angels, and let all Your citadels of New Jerusalem have an angelic order. For seven thousand years the angels of Your works have been staying in submission of Your word spoken by me in the time of the falling of the angels, because then I spoke over the angels a commandment: «Let us stay well and with awe and let us take heed!» This work brought the angels into its submission, and I took over the helm and the angels are submitted to me to stand well and with awe and with obedience, and in this way to do Your works on earth and in heaven, in heaven and on earth, Lord. Oh, where it is not like this on earth among people, there it is the woe, of which those full of the Holy Spirit prophesied about, but it will be the same on earth soon, soon, and it will be on earth as in heaven. Amen.

– Oh, My obedient angel and submitted to My Spirit! I told you: speak! However, you did what I said, and you brought to My people the mystery of the angelic life upon it, a wonderful work of the happiness on earth. However, for such a work heavenly love in man is needed, heavenly wisdom in man and good will between man and man for the work of submission, which is not a worsening condition for the man, but it is rather a heavenly glory for him and with him.

Oh, it is very hard on earth, because it has been a long time since the man fell, and it has been this long time since I, the Lord, have been laboring with a crushed sigh within Me to be able to make the man wise, and then for him to desire happiness, and to want it again, as the angels have wanted it, those who remained My angels after the fall of the angels, which took place after the man had no longer loved the submission, which has kept him within the happiness of the heaven, and Me in man, in the house which I have built. Amen.

Behold, we call out at the table of the angels those who left off their bodies in the time of those seven thousand years. Their joy is indescribable, but the same is the sufferance for those who, like them in their time, do not know on earth to appreciate God, because the man stands away from God on earth and he does not know the pain, which will take him in it after that. Those who are asleep have been waiting for God from on earth not from heaven, because they have seen the heaven on earth and they have seen and waited for the joy, which will take them within it after I will have work on earth as among angels. Amen. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.)

Comfort each other, you those who are aggrieved after God! Little, little and there will be its light and its comfort. Blessed are those who love on earth the sorrow after God, because they will find their joy, which will take them back in it. Oh, comfort each other now! I have been marking Myself with the voice of My angel upon you, because a table with angels is set before you. (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.)

Oh, there is among you a soul that cries. My trumpet Verginica wants that the one, who cries, to be allowed to speak. (Verginica, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet, r.n.) Let us not bring to an end the word of the book of today, children from the gates, until we see what it is with the one who cries out to you. However, now we work out the day of the feast of the angels, and then we set down to work to search out the one who cries from among those who are called at the angelic table on this day of feast.

The heaven, the earth and the heaven sighs after this work of My coming to you, My people, and the spirits of those who are perfect also sigh after it, My people, and My trumpet Verginica stays at this border to be intercessor and to bring forth a teaching example over the people, because the people stand away from God on earth, and that is why the heaven is not seen by man. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.)

Oh, My people, there have come together at the feast, those who feed on My word. I have given them, as I have given to you, the voice of the archangel, the voice of My angel, the teaching for a beautiful work to those who have My teaching and who want to stay within it wherever they are. When God falls from between man and man, between brother and brother, then the heaven and its beauty suffers without a home. That is why, I tell you to watch sons, so that the heaven may have a house among you and that the heaven may be seen on earth. I have marked Myself upon you with the voice of My word for the feast of the angels. Kneel down and always ask Me for a new spirit of My Spirit. I have marked Myself with My sign upon you, and you should strengthen the dwelling place in you for My Spirit.

Sons, sons, stay away from the work of the devil and keep him away from you, because I have always taught you to listen to the whole word of My teaching upon you. Sons, sons, the man stands away from God on earth, and you should stand away from the devil and close to God, withstand the devil steadfastly because I gave you heavenly weapons. Subject yourselves always to the teaching, sons. Teach everywhere the whole obedient people to love submission as the angels love it in heaven, to their most beautiful happiness, sighing with it after the man’s happiness, which stays away from God on earth, not seeing the heaven so close to him.

My Romanian voice is wanted by all those who have been carrying a body on earth, because My word refreshes their entire burning and crying.

My angel goes everywhere in this day and shares comfort and hope, but help Me, My people, to overcome the man’s enemy and to take the man out from his grievance, because it is for this that you have been called out to Me. Amen, amen, amen.

Remain with the book of today open, children from the gates. We will sit at the table with the angels, and we will release then those who are remembered at the table of My angels, and we will be comforters, because we are from the Father, sons. Amen.


Oh, sons from the gates, I stay with Verginica at the border between those that are seen and those that are not seen, and the perfect order of the angels accompanies Us and serves Us. I have let the feast of today flow, and I have exhorted you through the angels. My angel, Michael, has reminded My people to work and to live according to the order of the angels, on earth as in heaven. And behold, those who passed away with their body, wait for Me from the earth and not from heaven, because the whole work for their salvation is being worked out on earth, and the heaven answers to the earth. Amen.

Oh, Verginica, you have a desire and the Lord and all the angels accomplish it for you, and then we release the angels together with those who are called to the feast by their memorial of today. Among those who passed away from their body, you have with you a voice of a soul crying by the work of My word, which speaks on earth. What is your desire, Verginica?

– I have rejoiced among all angels and among all those who have come together for their feast, and our people remembered those who were asleep, and they have also come together, Lord, because it is great obedience among those that are not seen, and they have come because they were called out, and they have taken the joy of the feast and their joy in it and from Your work with Your people. Oh, how beautiful, how wonderful work those that are seen with those that are not seen, but the man stands away from God on earth, and that is why the haven is not seen by the man. I bring to the children who carry us the crying of the one who, among those who were called and remembered at the table of today, cry to me to speak about him on earth; a soul from my little birth village, who has been asking me to give him the chance to speak to our children who bring us down word on earth, to give him comfort in his sighing. I, full of mercy, as I also was on earth, seek to work much in the heavenly things as well, and to bring Your fruit, Lord. And I am also speaking now with those that are in the gates, so that they may know what this little soul is crying for, the one remembered today among those who are mentioned.

Oh, watching children at the gates for the Lord, for the saints, for the angels and for those who have passed away from their body! Behold, I tell you the sighing of the one who cries to you through me. I hear him, and I want to let you know about his crying, so that those on earth may know how great this work of word between heaven and earth is. You are tired of the pains from the Lord’s work and from the pains of those who have been waiting without any power for their salvation and comfort from the Lord. Behold, this little soul that has been crying wants you to set before him the mercy and the love that you have got, because he is deeply wounded for all the pains he brought to you in his unrest from you in the time of his living on earth, because you walked in the way of this word according to the Lord’s will, and although he knew this, he did not do it, and he always was restless and brought you anxiety. He keep asking me, behold, he asks me to tell you that he stays fearfully, looking at you with sighing, because the Lord has enabled him to see the armor that you have taken upon you, and he has been sighing bitterly because he did not know this, because he served the spirit of the pride and of haughtiness, and he lived on earth in opposition to you in your way with the Lord, after the Lord made you His servants. He is comforted and refreshed if he can let you know that he is sighing with remorse for the wounds, which he had always done to you, as one without knowledge, without faith and without fear of God. I am the one who tells you about those who sigh in him, because he is not able to pass now. He is sorry because he struck you, because he threatened you, that he hated and followed you to fill you with pains and threats as one without any fear. He suffers without any comfort because he crushed you as many times as he was able do this, and now he sees what God has got for you, what kind of love there is among those in heaven for you, what service you bring to the heaven, and the heaven to you, what a wonderful work among those in heaven and among you, and he sees this now and he is filled with mourning and remorse. He has been looking at you with tears all the day of the feast of today. I have come to help him and then he has looked and sighed and cried to me to help him by making his wound known to you. He is ashamed before the angels because he was full of pride on earth, and his human mind has put him to shame now, because with the Lord these do not have any value. What it is of value for people, it is without any kind of value with God and with angels. Now he is asking you to take his side and to give everything you could offer him on earth, if he had been able to remain small before this work of feast and comfort of those who have loved it for its heavenly glory among people. He is looking at you now, at your goodness and mercy, and he has taken courage because you are merciful. He is asking for your help, because you are great with the Lord. He is asking you to be his help for the comforting of the pain of his spirit without reconciliation in sighing, because he does no longer has anyone; neither mother, nor father, nor sister, nor brother, nor family, nor friends, that they may help him. He is crying to you, and I give you this news on earth as an example over all and for all those who still do not value this great work of the Lord with you on earth among people. Release his spirit from his pain, because all the evil, which he brought about to you by his wickedness without his being able to know about the grace you have from the Lord, has been pressing hard on him. Now he is looking only after you, because he persecuted you on earth, he blasphemed you, he made you suffer, he threatened you, and in the end of the time of his body, with even greater haughtiness he struck in you and in the Lord’s people, blowing storm and threatening upon you by his arrogant pride, nourished by the spirit of opposition. He is refreshed now because he can show his repentance and because the work of this word is such a great miracle. He is asking you with uncomfortable sigh to give him power of comfort, to wipe out from before the Lord his shame and his pain, with your little sweet and affectionate little hearts for every soul, lost from the way with glory of the Lord on earth. I will tell him, and he will receive the refreshment, the peace and the comfort, because he is very, very anxious, children sons, when he sees you before the Lord opening yourselves to Him to grow you and to grow His people and to teach it and protect it and to glorify it with His heavenly glory. I give this little crushed soul, I give him from you all that he wants you to give, and may the Lord judge with mercy his fate and may He give him from the fullness of His mercy, children sons.

Lord, I have announced all the calling, all the prayer of the one who cried out to the children of Your coming down on earth in the day of the feast of the angels, when Your people has remembered those who are asleep. Lord, I pray to You to reach out Your comfort and refreshment of soul to the one who has been crying out to me to speak from the gates. I am with him at the border. Now release those who are called into memorial, take back to his place the one who has been crying, and so that You may work out with him the miracle of comfort and of that of release, Lord, because I am Your trumpet, which calls out everywhere, announcing the work of Your coming and waiting for You at the border to come and to give each one according to his works, and then according to Your mercy, Lord, because we have intercessors on earth, we have children with Your mercy and work in them. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, Verginica, you are joy in heaven and on earth, because you are mother and you have a Samaritan heart. Those in the gates received the news brought by you, and I see their little hearts, and I comfort there where it is called out for comfort, Verginica, and blessed are those who have as a little gate this work of My coming, because this is the gate of the comfort. Amen.

Oh, watchful children, My Romanian voice moves the heaven and the earth. Michael, My angel, sets the angels in order, after their day of feast. Always exhort My people to work as in heaven as among angels, and let every son who fulfills Me in him in My people be My little angel, and let him listen as the angels listen, for woe to this city, which is not governed, or which is governed by many!

My people, take the example from the angels, sons, because their work of leadership by My angel Michael, brought into the submission of its happiness the angels when they were ready to fall away from God as a result of Lucifer’s haughtiness. However, you should be a good people, like the angels, for the work of My coming on earth to you and from you over the entire earth, is served by angels, My people, and it should be served by you in the same way, and you should also help Me, My people, to overcome the devil and to take the man out of his sorrow, because it is for this that you have been called to Me. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.



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