2002.06.22 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the first day

billy dean
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The Word of God at the Feast of the Romanian Christianity, the first day

In a spirit of the Pentecost Feast I am descending from the Father’s presence to earth. Amen, amen, amen. Oh, guardians of the garden, I am the Lord! Open to My word and write it down into My today’s book. I am breathing upon you as you are very tired, because you have prepared a feast for Me so that I will be able to meet the man in the garden of the meeting. Amen.

My gardens with you are a high mountain peak and from which, from time to time, I sit down with My today’s heavy cross to rest from it, for My cross is man, sons. I have carried the man with difficulty, not for two thousand years, since I carried the wooden cross, so that I might be placed on it and in such a way that the man may see Me and have mercy on Me and to come and comfort Me from My heavy cross for him. Oh, no, I have not carried the man for two thousand years, but rather for seven thousand years the man has been My heavy cross. I am breathing upon you a spirit of revival so that you would stand before My word from above, for I want to embrace the man and to complain to him from My heavy cross.

I told you to announce the feast and I said that I would gather near the spring people from the four sides, to stay with them in the word and to show them what I have on this Romanian land; to show the man My spring that flows from My Father’s throne, and with which I become a spring to man, for I am the spring, I am this word, and it is wonderful this coming of Mine, as on this river I have descended as word into the midst of the Romanian people for more than forty years in order to prepare for Me a bride people and to glorify Myself from its midst with the glory of My word more and more wonderfully as two thousand years ago, when I came as God, incarnated out of the midst of the Israel people of that time. Now I am coming to earth as a river of words and I am making the new Israel from among the Romanian people, the new Christian people, a people in My image and after My likeness, and which I have always, always taught the ways of life, that they may walk on earth as I walked, Amen.

Oh, My bride people, My people taken out of the Romanians! I am coming down at dawn as word and I am taking you and sitting with you before those who have come at the spring to drink. You shall teach the one who has come to drink, as you have also learned it from Me. Oh, and how are you to teach the one who comes to the spring to drink? I teach him by the word, and you should be My sign, the sign of the Son of God. You shall stand before the crowd that comes together in My gardens with you, for you are a beautiful child for My image in your heart and which is seen on your face, My people, bride. I am your bridegroom and you are My little bride, that from My second coming from near the Father, to have someone to come to when I come on earth when I come to become word for man.

Every groom prepares his wedding day, godfathers, groomsmen, wedding guests and a wedding banquet. However, I, the Lord, how shall I not prepare the day of My wedding? How shall I not prepare and not make ready My bridegroom, the wedding guests, godfathers and servants? How shall I not prepare the wedding hall too, the table of the wedding, the bread, the wine and the day of My wedding, the Groom from heaven and the bridegroom from the earth, in a spirit of heavenly wedding, in a spirit if new heaven and new earth and of New Jerusalem?

I am coming down with the saints from heaven and with the Jerusalem from heaven as well. I am coming from the Father’s presence, with the saints and with the angels, and I am at the right side of the Father, and the Father rejoices near Me from My comfort. I get comforted that I can speak with man, for I have been longing after man for seven thousand years, and the Father Sabaoth is telling Me this:

— Get comforted, My beloved Son, with Whom, I, the Father, am well pleased, and teach the man Your way from heaven to earth and also teach those with whom You have made Your way of descending now, in the end of the time, dear Son. Tell the man that You are the way and that it is just as You are. Tell the man, Son the Word, tell him that You are My word and that You do not do Your will but Mine, and tell him also, that You do not speak from Yourself. And I am telling him this:

Dear man, My Son is My word and out of His mouth it flows the river of life from Me, the word that comes down in its manger here, into this little village, and the story of My Son and His people in the end of the time is beautiful. And behold the fruit of My Son’s work: a people of beautiful and dear sons, in whom I and My Son are well pleased, now in the end of the time, dear man. Oh, it was for you, man, that I have ordained them to be a sacrifice people for the preparation and for My Son’s wedding. Listen to the voice of My Son, the One into the midst of His people, a people taken out of the midst of the Romanian people. Amen, amen, amen.

— Oh, Father, here I am; I have come to do Your will. I weep with tears on earth and I rejoice on the days of the wedding in the gardens prepared by them for Us and for the man who comes to the spring, Father. Oh, it is hard for Us, for You and Me and for them, to tell the man about this wonderful mystery of My descending on earth now, in the end of the time. There are too many false christs on earth, below and above; there are too many for the man to be able to know Us, Father, when I come now on earth as word from You, and I come into the way of the man, I and My little people, My sign before My coming. However, now I am with days of wedding in the garden of Our meeting with the man coming to the spring and I am becoming word and I am giving Myself, Father; and I am also telling those that have come together near My people, I am telling them to take Me and to taste the truth of My word by which I open Myself before man like a scroll which unrolls and becomes My way to man, and the man’s way to Me, My Father and the Father of My people and of those who receive and will receive My image, My life, My cross, Father.

I have called you to the spring, dear man. I am the Lord, Who died and rose again for man. I have called you to the river of life to wash in it, to sit down in it, My Romanian people. Oh, how much I would like you to be My people, from one of your margins to the other, for your hearth is the soil from which I took clay with My own hand and made the man built by My hand. Oh, how shall do? Oh, how shall I help you to be able to believe that I, the Lord, have you in the plan of the days of My second coming from near the Father, high mountain, the mountain which I have raised above the tops of the mountains on this earth so that the laws of life may flow from it, the mystery before My coming, the mystery sealed by the Scriptures and unsealed by Me, the Son of the Father Sabaoth.

I am Who I am. This is how I am telling you that I am, My Romanian people, and that is why I am calling you to the spring, and I would keep on calling you only if you may come to love My song of love, to call you with it and then for you to come then, to love like Me the life of the age that is to be on earth soon, soon, Romanian people. Your name is the new name of God’s people, as the name of the Israel that crucified Me was the name of God’s people during that time.

I am coming down on earth as a song of love, a word of the Holy Spirit and as a feast of new age, new wine and sweet bride, who serves Me with longing to redeem the man from sin and to give his life back and so that he may no longer die. Oh, this is what I want to do on earth, and then I want to give it to the saints from heaven and to the saints on earth, for no one has become a saint of the heaven if he first was not a saint on earth.

Oh, I am opening the spring and I am giving Myself, for I have been pleased with My mystery from the end of the time on your hearth, My Romanian people. How shall I make you understand and then to believe that My mystery kept for the end of the time is this word with which I am coming down on earth to prepare with it My wedding and My bride chosen from the Romanians, as was the plan in My Father’s hand for the end of the time? (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, — http://en.calameo.com/books/00107546845cbd56835ff r.n.) The end of the time means the kingdom of the heavens on earth, for I am the beginning and the end, and I am the end and the beginning, dear man, who allowed yourself to be invited by My calling to the spring to drink and that you may no longer be thirsty after you, and to be thirsty after Me after that. My love for man had put My body on the cross, then it resurrected Me and then it brought Me to the Father to draw all people to Him; and after that, it has brought Me back on earth. And here I am with My love for man, the love between Bridegroom and Bride, I and My people in a spirit of heavenly wedding on earth, in such a way that the Father may be comforted from My pain and His and that the Father may call guests at My wedding. Those who should have been the guests at My wedding cannot become small like Me and that I may be their way to the Father. And because of that, I have called those who know what love is, to make it to be like Mine and that they may give it back to Me and to have love from man, for I suffer from the man’s departure from Me. When I built the man, I built him to make him into My comfort and I to be his comfort.

I have called you to the spring to see the love between the Groom and bridegroom. I have called you to sing the Doina ballad of My coming, you, those who have graces among the sons of men. Take from the river of life and catch the spirit of wedding and sing to the wedding of the Son of the King, and let the spirit of My wedding be spread far away from margins to margins, for the kingdom of the heavens is like a king who made a wedding to his son. Put on you the garment of the wedding and stay under it to be the wedding guests and to sing to Me the ballad of the wedding, and then to spread the joy with which I, the Lord, the Groom of the wedding, rejoice you with the joy of My word full of longing after man. Oh, how much I would like you to be and to remain in the garment of the wedding, in the spirit of the wedding of the Son of the King, for the King is My Father, the Father Sabaoth. Amen. I would teach you the mystery of the longing, the mystery of the spring, the mystery of the song, the mystery of life, and I would teach you, but do love the wedding garment, for I am opening wide the hall of the wedding so that it may come in to the wedding those who are called and to rejoice from the love between the Groom and bridegroom and to remain forever the wedding guests of My wedding, and then the news and the story to go over the seas and countries about the love with which I am pouring Myself out in My gardens where I call the sons of men to come and drink of the spring of life and to become God’s sons, in My image and after My likeness. Amen.

I am opening My arms. I am spreading them widely and embracing all those who have come to the spring and I am telling them: Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! This is how I am giving you, not as the world gives. I give you My spring. In it is the mystery of the live of the age that is to be on earth soon, soon. Take, drink and grow. Become small and then grow, for no one is able to grow but only the one who is small. Those who are already grown cannot grow more. Only those who are little can, and only with them I am well pleased, as they also find their pleasure in Me and grow within Me, and I in them. Amen.

I am embracing you all within the spirit of heavenly wedding on earth, I and My people and the garden of My meeting with man. Be like a garden in a garden. Be of one spirit with Me, for the Father has been deeply crying for more than seven thousand years after My comfort which We lost then when We lost the man in heaven. Oh, for seven thousand years I have been longing after man! I am giving you from My fire, and put your shoulder under My today’s cross with which I have walked after man to put on My cross and to bring him before My Father and then to let him down and be relieved from My heavy cross and to rest from it. Amen.

Remain in the spirit of the heavenly wedding, you, who have come to the spring. I have given you. I have become a spring of word and I have given you to drink of the river of life, of the wine of My wedding. Open to Me to be able to come in and to be in you with the mystery of the age that is to come. Look and understand. Give yourself to others and I will give Myself to you. Give to Me and I will give to you, and let us give each other, in the Spirit of Truth, Which the world does not know and does not hear, however he may call out in the streets for his voice to be heard. Look at My bride, for I come out with it as a sign on earth so that I may come visibly, for I am coming soon, soon.

I am giving you wedding flowers and I am giving you from the spring, and do not forget: I am coming soon, soon, and blessed will be those who stand dressed in the wedding garment, in the spirit of the wedding, confessing and singing love between the Bridegroom and the bride, comforting the Spirit of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit from earth and up to heaven, in the mystery of the new heaven and of the new earth with Me on earth.

Amen, amen I say to you: I am coming soon, soon, and My sign is going before Me and preparing My way to come. Amen, amen, amen.